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Issue #4, Winter 2006

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Goodness, is it really only six months since the last issue of The Barefoot Muse? One reason it feels like longer is the hugely increased volume of submissions I've received since the 2007 Poets' Market came out in September. While it is a delight to know that so many people are writing formal poetry, it clearly means more work for your lone editor.

But it also means that this is the biggest ever issue of The Barefoot Muse, and that has been achieved with no sacrifice in quality. We present our featured poet, Jared Carter and a host of poems from names both familiar and unknown.

Read our Pushcart nominees, J. Patrick Lewis and Maryann Corbett (also available as a soundfile). Listen to the voices of repeat contributors Leland Jamieson and Bruce Niedt, and new to these pages Leo Yankevich, and read lots of stimulating prose by, well, me.

Followers of my Blog will be familiar with the rollercoaster I've been on health wise since September. Hopefully, everything is now under control and I should be with you for many more issues of the journal to come!

Now, all that remains is for me to wish you the best for the holiday season. I look forward to reading your poems, essays and letters (please!) for the June issue.

Anna Evans, Editor, The Barefoot Muse

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