The Barefoot Muse

A Journal of Formal & Metrical Verse

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Photo by Anna Evans Copyright 2008



The Pantoum    Anna Evans


T.S. Kerrigan's My Dark People    Anna Evans

Quincy Lehr's Across the Grid of Streets    Anna Evans


Featured Poet    Robert Crawford

High Heel    Erica Dawson

Ballerinalisten    Frank De Canio

Jimmy Carter, King of America    Quincy Lehr

Four Hands, Two A.R.M.s    James Wilk

Third Pig    Christopher Hanson

Unscathed    Amanda J. Bradley

Far More Hers Than Hislisten    Peter Austin

Half-Past Eight    Caitlin Doyle

In His Beak an Olive Branchlisten    Aaron Poochigian

Dolphin Weatherlisten    Rick Mullin

Hair of the Doglisten    David Rothman

The Watchinglisten    Paul Christian Stevens

Xenoglossophobia    Jessica Piazza

Off Central Park West    Vince Corvaia

Thinking of Nabokov    Michael J. Opperman

Casablancalisten    Clay Stockton

Lonesome Cowboy River Pantoumlisten    Steven Wingate

Oblique Eulogy II    Juditha Dowd

Elegy for Davidlisten    Danielle Mebert

The Mourning After    Sarah McFarland

Hymen Signs a Dance Card    C.B. Anderson

On Second Thought    Susan McLean

Graphic Naturelisten    E. Shaun Russell

Two Poems    Edmund Conti

Tongue-Twisting Taleslisten    Scott Miller

World Poetry

A Translation of Sonnet XXXI by Joachim du Bellaylisten    Lynn Levin

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