Photo by Anna Evans Copyright 2008

Hymen Signs a Dance Card

It has been said, by thoughtful men who've looked beyond
Their most immediate desire, that orgasm
Is not the fundamental end-all. And as fond
As one might think one is of sharing germ plasm

With comely women who have tugged the nether strings,
There's something more important standing just behind
The theater of consciousness: The siren sings
Not only to the flesh, but also to the mind,

Especially to its hidden facets. Knowledge in
The carnal sense, a euphemistic biblical
Expression which predates the rise of collagen
And breast implants, engenders archetypical

Confusions that obscure the holy role of sex.
What really makes a man believe he's been made whole
Is not the panoply of sensual effects,
But rather having plumbed a naked stranger's soul.

Such knowing, then, is knowing what it is that drives
The orrery within which our old planet spins.
The women, for their part, have known this all their lives,
Which helps to keep at bay a multitude of sins.

by C.B. Anderson

C.B. Anderson was the longtime gardener for the PBS television series, The Victory Garden.  In the past five years his poems have appeared in numerous print and online journals.  His e-chapbook, A Walk in the Dark, is posted on the website of The New Formalist Press.  One of his poems was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by The Raintown Review  in 2007.

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