The Barefoot Muse

A Journal Of Formal & Metrical Verse

Issue #8, Winter 2008

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Review Copies Received

NB: This list includes volumes mailed to The Raintown Review, and reviews may appear there or in the Barefoot Muse

On Freeing Myself from a Full Nelson Hold & Other Sonnets by Paul Bussan

Something Must Happen by Ned Balbo, Finishing Line Press

Signs of Our Time by Kathryn Jacobs, Pudding House Press

Sappho, Sting with Love: Poems and Fragments Translated by Aaron Poochigian, Penguin Classics, 2010

We Internet in Different Voices by Mike Alexander, Modern Metrics, New York 2009

Jazz Funeral by Julie Kane, Story Line Press, West Chester University 2009

Garden Haiku, Raising Your Child with Ancient Wisdom by Lily Wang, M.A., iUniverse,

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