Ballad (Original name Visa)

by Dan Andersson (1888-1920), Swedish Folk Poet

My passion was born in the lusty spring
At the strand of the river tumbling blue.
Wild honey I drank in the years of my youth
In meadows drenched with midnight dew.

My passion was born at Paiso river,
Where pike go hunting and salmon flail.
It was a song that sang itself,
A wild man's drink, a music man's tale.

It seethed in my blood every swelling spring,
Born, reborn, to tempt and to claim;
A song that impassions an entire world
Making earth and the heavens flare and flame.

And never again will I love so,
As at Paiso's strand, amidst roses bright.
My passion is old and starting to gray
and can no longer find wild honey at night.

Translated by Janice D. Soderling

Janice D. Soderling is a returning contributor to the Barefoot Muse. Other work is currently online at Centrifugal Eye, Chimaera, Innisfree, Lucid Rhythms, Loch Raven Review, Literary Mama, Right Hand Pointing and in print at Acumen, Other Poetry, Tipton Poetry Journal. Poetry is forthcoming at Anon, Mezzo Cammin, Nthposition and Poemeleon. Past credits include 42opus, Beloit Poetry Journal, Blue Unicorn, Cumberland Poetry Review, Glimmer Train, Event, Fiddlehead, Malahat Review, Staple, Tar River Poetry. Janice is an award-winning writer who lives in Sweden.

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