You Know What You Could Do for Me?

You know what you could do for me?
It might be something you don't get.
Apologize and let me be.

I mean a real apology,
The sort you've not attempted yet,
you know? What you could do, for me,

is simulate some empathy.
Acknowledge you've incurred a debt.
Apologize. And let me be

alone to purge this memory.
You think you couldn't now, I bet.
You know what? You could. Do for me

something you don't normally.
I want to move on and forget.
Apologize, and let me. Be

the jerk who made wild love to me
whose wife called me in her upset.
You know what you could do for me?
Apologize and let me be.

by Deborah Kreuze

Photo by Jackie Bernardo Copyright 2008

Deborah Kreuze is a writer and editor living in Minneapolis.

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