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Issue #5, Summer 2007

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Dreaming in Iambic Pentameter

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Everyone who knows me knows that I love sonnets. I have written an admiring essay on the sonnet form, published over thirty sonnets (and written some sixty more) and tend to construct my own schedule of submissions around the best sonnet to enter in the Howard Nemerov Sonnet Contest.

But people, sending me sonnets is not the best way to get into the journal. I reviewed over 500 poems for this latest issue, and almost a third of them were sonnets. I didn't count the themes, but I'd wager perhaps a little more than half of them were about love. Send me triolets, rondeaus, pantoums! I like different! And if you must send me sonnets, let's have more about politics, such as Maryann Corbett's "Saturday Edition" or profound experiences like Ona Gritz's "Since You Asked!"

OK, I'm done griping for this issue. And it's another fantastic one. We have the marvelous T.S. Kerrigan as our featured poet, an essay by Jeffrey Woodward on Metrical Reference Books which is surely set to become a standard resource, two reviews, our first letter to the editor, and poems galore! We even have a couple of really good sonnets about love...


Anna Evans, Editor, The Barefoot Muse

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