After the Hurricane

Cape Cod, Sept. '05

The beat of waves receding at low tide
carved a bas relief of hectic curves.
The day, now warm and windless, still preserves
these graphs of drying crystals undefiled.

The wild storms down South that smashed the land
two thousand miles along the coast, and left
whole towns destroyed, a million souls bereft,
up here just wrote some fragile lines in sand.

But who can read the signs, know what they say?
Parents have sent their children back to school
and dog walkers no longer break the rules;
the summer people all have gone away.

In calm of gold and blue, what use alone
to hear the pulse of sea, "Atone, atone."

Rain at Crane Beach
Artwork by Erin McGee Copyright 2006

Adele Bourne's poems have recently been published by US 1 Worksheets, The Paterson Literary Review, Mad Poets Review, Sensations Magazine, Up and Under, and Pedestal Magazine. Adele is currently literary editor for the children's poetry journal, underAGE 06 and serves as president of Burlington County Poets. Her motto is Horace's "Parturiunt montes, nascetur ridiculus mus ." or "Mountains will labor; a funny little mouse will be born."

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