Aristotle's Poetics

In drama, at least, tragic plays,
A plot length of one day, not days,
Concerning one thing,
In one place, helps bring,
For the playwright, significant praise.

Throw into the mix, by the heap full,
Stuff hitting the fan (matter, faecal)
For the tragically flawed:
You just watch, they'll applaud
The bad things that happen to good people.

Sketch by Paul Lench Copyright 2005

Burke, Edmund (1729 - 1797)

In his subjective aesthetic theory,
The Sublime and the Beautiful vary.
The one goes as far
As inciting an "Ah...",
The Sublime is more awesome and scary.

Both the above are taken from Paul's book in progress A Dictionary of Philosophy in Limerick Form

Fleeing his native England after breaking a teacup, Paul Lench has now settled in Philadelphia, where he enjoys writing verse, playing in refrigerator boxes, and pretending that the world is populated by robots who exist solely for his pleasure. He is the creator of the popular "Stroppigram" and "Soddit" poetic devices, and is currently working on a dictionary of philosophy in limerick form, for some reason. Paul Lench is currently appearing as Paul Lench in life's one act play.

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