A Journal of Formal & Metrical Verse

Artwork by Grant Dolge Copyright 2010

I’m still here holding up the sky for you
Bawling this heart-to-heart goodbye for you

I’m still the child who cooks the stony stew
The chickadee who learned to fly for you

She looks so rich, her face so fresh and new
You’re more than friends, I catch her sigh for you

Do I sound bitter? Am I green or blue?
Don’t leave again! Don’t make me cry for you!

I send some poems to the Screw Review
I sit around and wait and die for you

The marvel of my muse is constant, true
With dedicated lust, I try for you

By Mary Meriam

Mary Meriam's poems are published or forthcoming in Literary Imagination, American Life in Poetry, Sixty-Six: The Journal of Sonnet Studies, The Raintown Review, and Tilt-a-Whirl. Her chapbook, The Countess of Flatbroke (afterword by Lillian Faderman), was published by Modern Metrics/Exot Books. She's currently editing an anthology of sonnets for Exot Books.