A Journal of Formal & Metrical Verse

A Study in Rodin

She strolled with grace—a goddess in a fur—
holding a handbag and a champagne flute.
My Ego nudged my Id, said, “Look at her!”
so I proceeded, in my warm-up suit,
to turn my sneakers on the slick parquet
and sidle up to the Rodin display.
The Thinker brooded there, a studied pose
of Man’s reflective mood (without his clothes).

She stood, absorbed in art, admiring him,
his bundled muscles bronzed and set in state.
I touched my baseball cap, then tipped the brim,
flashed a grin, and asked, “Could this be fate?”
The sleek Parisian smirked and, with a scoff,
she shook her head, mouthed “Non”, and sashayed off.
I watched her, slumped to sit, then cocked my wrist,
and pondered the rejection, chin to fist.

By David Nelson Bradsher

David Nelson Bradsher is a resident of Raleigh, NC, and graduated from The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, (’89 B.A. English). He is the author/poet of the upcoming verse drama, The Vampire Sonnets (written in 200+ sequential Shakespearean sonnets), the book, Kindred Trinity, and his previous work has appeared in Light Quarterly, Pirene’s Fountain, Tinfoil Dresses, Seasons and several other ezines.